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Claim Checklist

Malpractice litigation can be stressful and we are here to help you. If you have received a legal demand of any kind, or an incident has occurred that you believe could result in litigation in the future, call us immediately. We must discuss the details of the matter before we can provide you with complete and appropriate advice. Other general rules to follow:

Stay calm

Keep your sense of perspective. Most malpractice claims are dismissed and/or settled without a payment to the plaintiff.

Write down what happened

We would like a narrative summary of your care and treatment of the patient. Narrative should be titled “Prepared in Anticipation of Litigation.” Create a legal file for this (and other related documents) and keep separate from medical records.

Call us immediately

Call OMIC without delay. We are here to help you. Determine your claim representative here.

Do not alter records

You must maintain the integrity of the records in order to successfully defend your medical care. Do not under any circumstances alter, amplify, or otherwise change your medical records.

Protect records

Keep the original file in a safe and secure location. Do not create an alternate set of records.

Keep this between us

Please do not discuss the incident with anyone except OMIC, the legal counsel we assign to you, or others who have been cleared by OMIC or your legal counsel.

Refer attorneys to your claims rep

Do not speak with any attorney representing the patient who attempts to contact you. Refer them to your OMIC claims representative or attorney.

Stick to medical facts

Limit conversations with other medical professionals to the medical facts concerning the patient’s care and treatment. Do not speak about any medical-legal issues.

Leave the work to us

Do not investigate or try to settle the claim on your own.

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