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Who will be my legal counsel in the event of a claim?

If a lawsuit has been filed, you are served with a summons and complaint, or there are other circumstances requiring legal assistance, we will appoint qualified legal counsel to represent you.  We’re strongly committed to the principle that the insured, not OMIC, is the defense counsel’s client and that counsel should be responsive to and act in the best interest of the insured.

OMIC has established a panel of leading defense firms across the country to defend you. Each firm has agreed to name a partner with at least ten years of medical malpractice defense experience to represent our insureds. If you would like the names of the defense firms OMIC routinely uses in your area, please call us.

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Six reasons OMIC is the best choice for ophthalmologists in America.

Best at defending claims.

An ophthalmologist pays nearly half a million dollars in premiums over the course of a career. Premium paid is directly related to a carrier’s claims experience. OMIC has a higher win rate taking tough cases to trial, full consent to settle (no hammer) clause, and access to the best experts. OMIC pays 25% less per claim than other carriers. As a result, OMIC has consistently maintained lower base rates than multispecialty carriers in the U.S.