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February 2021 Bulletin: COVID-19 Vaccinations

February 9, 2021 Dear OMIC insureds, Some of you have expressed interest in administering COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccination services are complex, especially for physicians who do not customarily vaccinate patients. The COVID-19 vaccine landscape is also dynamic: different vaccines, different dosing schedules, and varying availability of vaccines add to the challenge of providing this service. In response, OMIC has created a resource outlining medical professional liability risks associated with offering the COVID-19 vaccine and recommendations to mitigate those risks https://www.omic.com/covid-19-vaccine-risk-management-considerations-and-consent/. The resource also includes a sample patient screening and vaccination consent form. If you have questions about these risk management resources, contact us for confidential risk management advice by emailing us at riskmanagement@omic.com. OMIC is extending coverage to its insureds for the administration of COVID19...


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Failure to diagnose and treat acanthamoeba

Two claims result in $1.25 million in settlements during 2020. The patient in the first claim had been diagnosed with herpes simplex keratitis and was treated with Valtrex and Zirgan before referral to an OMIC-insured corneal specialist for decreasing vision from a central dendritic scar. Upon examination, the insured noted the VA was 20/200 OD,...

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Patient and system issues in infectious keratitis cases

Most of the criticisms in recent infectious keratitis claims focused on a physician’s diagnostic and treatment decisions, including how frequently to follow up with the patient and when to obtain cultures or refer to a corneal specialist. Our investigation showed that several plaintiffs had not complied with appointments, use of medications, and especially instructions to stop contact lens use. The noncompliance helped secure dismissals and defense verdicts. ...

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