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Thank you for your interest in joining OMIC!

Please note that you must be a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology or have your membership application pending in order to apply for coverage. You can apply for Academy membership at the AAO web site or contact the Academy at (Phone) 866.561.8558 or (Email) member_services@aao.org.

Complete an Application Online

If you are currently insured by OMIC and want to complete your renewal application online, please click “Finish or View My Application” below.

A separate application must be completed for each person or entity to be insured.

You may need certain documents to complete your application. Examples include:

  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Declarations page from your current policy
  • Proof of insurance for non-OMIC practice associates
  • Claim or complaint information

File formats acceptable for upload include Word (.docx only), RTF, PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. If a file upload is required and you do not have the document readily available in a permitted format, you may attach a Word document explaining why the document cannot be attached and indicating when and how the document will be forwarded to OMIC.

Page navigation buttons (e.g., back, next, close) are at the bottom of each page. Or, you may jump directly to a specific page by clicking the link for the desired section in the left-hand margin.

If you are unable to finish your application in one session, you may save your work by clicking “save and close” at the bottom of the page, then click “yes” when asked if you would like to save changes made to the page. When you are ready to return to your application, simply log in at www.omic.com and click “Finish or View My Application” under “My Applications” on the “MyOMIC” page.


Six reasons OMIC is the best choice for ophthalmologists in America.

#3. Best at defending claims.

An ophthalmologist pays nearly half a million dollars in premiums over the course of a career. Premium paid is directly related to your carrier’s claims experience. OMIC has a higher win rate taking tough cases to trial, full consent to settle (no hammer) clause, and access to the best experts. OMIC pays 25% less per claim than other carriers. As a result, OMIC’s base rates have consistently averaged approximately 15% lower than multispecialty carriers in the U.S.