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  • Recent FDA recommendation for voluntary recall related to AmEx Pharmacy products

    UPDATE: FDA recommends voluntary recall and warns against use of AmEx Pharmacy sterile products We updated our advice of 7/3/19 to clarify that the FDA recommended a voluntary recall (but no recall occurred) and warned against the use of AmEx Pharmacy sterile products. This update also provides more details.  In May 2019, the FDA inspected […]

  • AVASTIN Shortage

    OMIC policyholders have called with questions about how to manage patients who need Avastin during the shortage. Please see for the AAO’s detailed analysis and recommendations. Please contact our Hotline for confidential advice about your situation by emailing us at

  • What will OMIC pay for if I am sued?

    Kimberly K. Wynkoop, ESQ, OMIC General Counsel 2018 Digest, Number 2 Volume 28 You probably know the limits of liability you carry for your medical professional liability insurance. But have you wondered what these limits pay for?  Many insureds carry $1 million per claim/$3 million aggregate limits. This means they have $1 million to pay […]

  • Coverage features we’ve added to give our insureds a little peace of mind

    Kimberly K. Wynkoop, ESQ, OMIC General Counsel 2018 Digest, Number 1 Volume 28 This issue of the Digest is about physician burnout. Did you know there are features of your OMIC coverage that may help alleviate some of the stressors that lead to burnout? One of the common causes of physician burnout is reported to […]