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  • COVID-19: Easing of HIPAA requirements while practicing telemedicine

    Two important changes in telehealth that were announced yesterday: Easing of HIPAA requirements while practicing telemedicine: New CMS benefits

  • March 2020: New and Revised Retina Consent Forms

    We wanted to let you know about some new and revised consent forms. Please revise these sample forms as needed for your patient population. Retina forms BEOVU revised to add retinal artery occlusion to the list of possible complications. Avastin, BEOVU, Eylea, and Lucentis revised to make clearer the discussion of problems following injections, and […]

  • Recent FDA recommendation for voluntary recall related to AmEx Pharmacy products

    UPDATE: FDA recommends voluntary recall and warns against use of AmEx Pharmacy sterile products We updated our advice of 7/3/19 to clarify that the FDA recommended a voluntary recall (but no recall occurred) and warned against the use of AmEx Pharmacy sterile products. This update also provides more details.  In May 2019, the FDA inspected […]

  • AVASTIN Shortage

    OMIC policyholders have called with questions about how to manage patients who need Avastin during the shortage. Please see for the AAO’s detailed analysis and recommendations. Please contact our Hotline for confidential advice about your situation by emailing us at