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2017 Members Report

OMIC’s 2017 Members Report was mailed to insureds in October. If you did not receive your copy or would additional copies, contact us at omic@omic.com. In this report: MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR George Williams, MD discusses the effect of big data on our specialty. MESSAGE FROM THE CEO Tim Padovese celebrates 30 years of OMIC service by announcing some big news. FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS A 30-year look at OMIC financial and operational successes. 2017 OMIC Members Report


Liability coverage of eye banks that process ocular tissue

KIMBERLY K WYNKOOP, ESQ, OMIC General Counsel OMIC has provided medical professional liability (MPL) insurance coverage to eye banks since 1999. Traditionally, eye banks procured, evaluated, and tested ocular tissue and then distributed the whole cornea or sclera to a surgeon. It was the responsibility of the surgeon to prepare the tissue as...
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What happens to my coverage if I move?

Generally, your coverage will transfer with you when you relocate your practice, but there may be circumstances in which OMIC is not in a position to cover your new practice activities (such as relocation to a territory in which OMIC does not offer insurance). Please contact your underwriting representative as soon as you know you will be moving so that you can discuss possible changes...

Six reasons OMIC is the best choice for ophthalmologists in America.

#2. Leader in the industry.

A-rated by AM Best, OMIC is ranked #1 among 50 malpractice insurance companies in America for financial stability. No other carrier has matched OMIC's consistent financial performance with regard to both combined and operating ratios, the two most relevant financial measurements for an insurance carrier.