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March 2020: New and Revised Retina Consent Forms

We wanted to let you know about some new and revised consent forms. Please revise these sample forms as needed for your patient population.

Retina forms

  • BEOVU revised to add retinal artery occlusion to the list of possible complications.
  • Avastin, BEOVU, Eylea, and Lucentis revised to make clearer the discussion of problems following injections, and symptoms that need to be reported.
  • YUTIQ implant created; this drug is approved for the treatment of chronic posterior non-infectious uveitis.
  • ILUVIEN implant revised to make it consistent with our current formatting and information.

Please go to https://www.omic.com/risk-management/consent-forms/. The forms are organized by clinical type (e.g., Glaucoma, Retina, etc.).

Do you need help with a risk management issue or situation? The fastest way to get it is to contact our confidential Risk Management Hotline by emailing riskmanagement@omic.com or calling 800-562-6642, option 4.

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