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  • Hotline Question – Amending Records

    Q: My patient asked me to amend his record. I feel it is accurate. What do I do?  A: Patients have a right to access their records and to ask you to amend it. You may decline the request only if: You may exclude the information from access by the individual (e.g., psychotherapy notes) You […]

  • Social Networking Policy for Your Ophthalmic Practice

    Many ophthalmologists have begun to use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate not only with friends and family, but also to market to and network with patients and colleagues. To be sure, the explosion of these sites has been nothing short of spectacular. In just a few years, these two companies […]

  • NCSEPS Becomes OMIC’s 40th Educational Alliance

    OMIC and theNorth Carolina Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons (NCSEPS) have formed an educational alliance through which NCSEPS members will earn an 8% premium credit (averaging approx $650) for participating in joint OMIC-NCSEPS risk management seminars or events. OMIC now has alliances with most ophthalmic societies in the U.S. including 34 state and 6 […]

  • 2nd Edition of “ROP: Creating a Safety Net” Published

    OMIC first introduced its popular ROP risk management materials in 2006 and released an updated version earlier this year. The “ROP: Creating a Safety Net” (2nd edition) discussion topics: Obstacles to ROP care Enlisting hospital support Claims Experience Risk management recommendations OMIC has developed detailed protocols addressing every step in the sequence of ROP care for both the hospital and […]