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  • Attend the Ophthalmologists Business Summit

    The business of healthcare is shifting dramatically, and the Academy has developed a solutions-oriented program to address the key financial and operational challenges facing modern practices right now. Over a day and a half, business experts and Academy leaders will uncover actionable strategies for running a successful modern practice. The curriculum covers how to: Improve profitability […]

  • OMIC declares another large dividend to be paid in 2018

    We are pleased to announce a 20% dividend for policyholders renewing in 2018. Since 2007, OMIC has declared dividends totaling more than $80 Million. To put this into perspective, on average, each of our physician policyholders has received cumulative credits equal to twice their annual premium. We are thrilled that our insureds have received two […]

  • Case Study: Failure to diagnose retinal detachments

    In a recent study of OMIC diagnostic error (DE) claims, we learned that those involving a retinal condition were the most common, accounting for 38% of the claims closed between 2008 and 2014. By far, the most frequently missed diagnosis in our entire study was retinal detachment (RD). The RD claims represent 79% of the […]

  • North Dakota Becomes our 53rd Educational Alliance

    We are excited to announce that we’ve entered into a cooperative venture with the North Dakota Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons to offer educational opportunities and a special discount for members who are insured by OMIC. View our NDSEPS partners page here. OMIC maintains educational alliances with most ophthalmic societies in the United States. We […]