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  • See Us in Vegas! Learn about our big rate decreases, dividends, courses

    Come see us in Las Vegas Nov 14-17 for the annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. As the endorsed carrier of the Academy, OMIC will be located next to the Resource Center in booth 3432. We have lots of big news: rate decreases of up to 35% effective for policies after January 1st, a […]

  • OMIC is Offering Drawing for Apple iPad Pro

    OMIC is offering a free drawing for ophthalmologists attending the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting in Las Vegas, NV during November 14-17, 2015. If you are an American Academy of Ophthalmology member, here’s your chance to win an Apple iPad Pro. OMIC will enter you in the drawing when you visit the OMIC exhibit  next […]

  • Available Now: All-New Patient Education Videos from the Academy

    The Academy has launched 4 all-new subspecialty video collections, a new video for the ophthalmic waiting room, and all-new animations for Digital-Eyes Ophthalmic Animations for Patients. These complete the Academy’s revamp of its entire suite of patient education materials, including redesigned and rewritten brochures and handouts, and a retina patient education video collection. The waiting room […]

  • Dr. Fountain reflects on lessons learned from life – and from her granny…

    Not too long ago, I removed a twig that had been festering for two months deep in the eye socket of a three-year-old boy, impaled there after he ran into a bush while sledding. I reassembled the fragments on the Mayo stand and instructed my scrub nurse to take a picture. Before she snapped the […]