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  • Highlights in 2016

    Our success is a direct result of the support of our OMIC family; policyholders, consultants, employees, and our Board and Committees. Because of you, we have accomplished these 10 great things: Decreased rates in every state and territory in the United States. National average decrease of more than 12%. Rates have been lowered by nearly 40% […]

  • New Regulatory and Cyber (eMD) Liability Benefits Added

    We are pleased to announce that four new coverage benefits are being added to your professional liability policy effective January 1, 2016. Enhancements include Proactive Privacy Breach Response Costs and Voluntary Notification Expenses which allow insureds an opportunity to take preemptive actions to avoid adverse situations prior to legal requirements to do so; BrandGuard(TM), which […]

  • On Serving Wisconsin: OMIC is Approved for Writing Coverage for Ophthalmologists

    After more than 20 years OMIC is finally approved by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) to write coverage for American Academy of Ophthalmology members in the state. We’ve worked tirelessly to bring all that OMIC has to offer to the ophthalmologists in the badger state and thank the state’s legislators, governor Walker, […]

  • Behind the Velvet Rope: The Insiders Take on Lawsuits

    Refractive Surgery on Trial The threat of malpractice is something that an ophthalmologist faces every time they have a patient encounter. It can influence both medical decision- making and personal interactions with patients and colleagues. This talk will provide ophthalmologists with valuable information regarding off-label IOL use and issues surrounding informed consent to minimize the […]