Patient Education Consent Materials Published by OMIC and the American Academy of Ophthalmology

Why Take the Risk?

Mitigate malpractice risk with Academy patient education and OMIC informed consent documents.

Outdated patient education materials and informed consent documents can increase the risk of a medical malpractice suit. Here are three simple yet effective risk-management strategies that could help you prevent or minimize the impact of a malpractice lawsuit or claim.

#1. Ensure your patient education materials are up to date. The Academy’s patient education materials are peer-reviewed every year.

#2. Visit OMIC’s Consent Forms to ensure that you have the most current informed consent documents.

#3. Clearly document in your patient’s chart the educational materials provided and the informed consent obtained. Defense attorneys advise documenting the timing and receipt of educational materials by the patient with his or her initials.

Save Time and Enhance Patient Understanding: Send Video to Patients at Home

Patient Education Subspecialty Video Collections

Provide a consistent, thorough informed consent process with the aid of the Academy’s downloadable Patient Education Video Collections. Enhances your informed consent discussion. Patients retain more information when they can watch a video outside of the office.

Each collection has multiple short videos in English and Spanish, each about five minutes long, on common eye conditions and their treatment options. Each presents the risks and benefits of the procedure/treatment option.

Easy-to-use MP4 files can be shown on tablets or computers in the office, placed on websites, or sent via patient portal/email.

Choose from five subspecialty collections, including:

Cataract and Refractive Patient Education Collection (22 topics)

Retina Patient Education Collection (23 topics)

Glaucoma Patient Education Collection (10 topics)

Pediatric Patient Education Collection (9 topics)

Oculoplastic Patient Education Collection (7 topics)

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Want an easy way to ensure your patient education is always up-to-date?

Subscribe to the Academy’s Downloadable Patient Education Handout Subscription. More than 170 topics are offered in English and Spanish and are automatically updated for you to ensure you have the most current version at all times. 12-month subscription with unlimited downloads/print-on-demand.

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