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Risk Management and Partner Society Discounts

September 14, 2023

Dear OMIC Insureds:

As we announced last year, in January of 2023, we made a few changes to the way we administer the risk management and partner society discounts. If you haven’t already earned your discounts, I wanted to remind you of the key facts to remember so that you can receive the maximum discount of 10% when your policy renews.

5% partner society discount
To receive this discount, you must attest that you are a current member of one of our 55 ophthalmology partner societies by logging into your account via MyOMIC (https://www.omic.com/UserAccounts/login) and indicating the societies to which you belong. Only one 5% discount will be applied, regardless of the number of your society memberships. The discount is applied on your renewal invoice. Follow this link to see a list of our partner societies: https://www.omic.com/partners/.

5% risk management discount
You can earn this discount by attending a live risk management presentation at one of our partner society meetings or at the AAO Annual Meeting. Click on this link to see a calendar of events: https://www.omic.com/risk-management/. Alternately, you can complete an online risk management course by contacting Risk Management Coordinator Linda Nakamura at lnakamura@omic.com or 1-800-562-6642 x652.

We request that you complete a course, whether live or online, 75 or more days prior to your renewal date. Your renewal date can be found on your policy documents or by logging into MyOMIC.com. If you have questions about your renewal date, please contact your Underwriting representative: https://www.omic.com/policyholder-services/contact-my-rep/underwriting/.

We will record a completion of one course and apply one discount per policy period. If you complete a course less than 75 days before your renewal date, that discount will be applied to your next policy term. Due to the volume of course completions, please allow approximately 7 days for your completion to be recorded in our database.

I hope these reminders are helpful to you, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. For questions regarding your policy or how to access your account via MyOMIC please contact your Underwriting representative: https://www.omic.com/policyholder-services/contact-my-rep/underwriting/. For questions regarding online courses, please contact Linda Nakamura at lnakamura@omic.com or 1-800-562-6642 x652.

Thank you for being a member of OMIC!


Linda Harrison, PhD
Vice President, Risk Management

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