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Will OMIC cover me for volunteer services I render in another country?

OMIC recognizes that many ophthalmologists provide volunteer services and/or provide professional services as part of educational programs around the globe. In support of these activities and subject to certain limitations, OMIC will cover insureds for services rendered anywhere in the world. To be covered, the claim must be brought against the insured in one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia. In addition, coverage is provided only for professional services incidents that occur while the insured’s principal professional office and practice are maintained in the state(s) declared in the application applicable when such incident occurred. Coverage is also subject to the standard terms, conditions, and limitations of the policy.

If you intend to provide professional services outside the 50 United States or DC, please notify your underwriting representative so that we can confirm the status of your coverage. If you will routinely provide services in a US territory or in another country, we recommend that you secure separate coverage from a carrier that is authorized and actively writes policies in that territory.

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