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Will OMIC cover a physician for volunteer services s/he renders performing routine medical or ophthalmic screening for indigents or the elderly?

Although our policy generally does not extend to non-ophthalmic procedures, OMIC will cover physicians for routine medical exams performed as part of a health screening program in their locality – assuming it is only an occasional activity and not a standard part of the physician’s practice. Ophthalmic screenings are, of course, always covered.

Because there are additional liability concerns whenever a physician conducts only a screening exam (including the increased potential for claims alleging the failure to diagnose, failure to refer, or failure to treat), physicians interested in performing such exams should speak with a Risk Management representative for advice on how to reduce liability exposure. OMIC’s risk management article, “Free Vision Screening Exams” (published in the Fall 1998 Digest), is also available online.

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