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Will my policy cover me if I sell vitamins in my office?

OMIC does not have any underwriting guidelines that prohibit or restrict your ability to sell vitamins or other supplements. Whether coverage would extend to any resulting claim for these activities would depend upon the allegation.

OMIC’s policy is a professional liability policy that covers claims arising from professional services rendered by the insured, including advice or recommendations given regarding the use of vitamins or supplements for the prevention or treatment of specified conditions and the prescription or dispensing of drugs or medical devices. It does not, however, extend coverage for products liability.

No coverage would apply to claims arising from the sale, marketing, or distribution of any medical device or other product, including vitamins or supplements, or to claims arising from any warranties or representations made with respect to the fitness, quality, durability, performance, or use of the product. Please see your policy booklet for more details regarding the product exclusion.

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