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Will I pay a lower premium if I limit my practice to refractions, low vision screening, or other non-surgical activities?

Yes! Effective 1/1/2007, OMIC created a new, even lower-rated coverage classification for purely non-surgical practice activities. This class is rated at approximately 33% of the full surgical classification (Surgery Class 3). Ophthalmologists who restrict their surgical activities to procedures such as removal of papillomas and chalazions, repair of minor lid lacerations, and injection of botulinum toxin or collagen and other fillers may qualify for OMIC’s Ophthalmology – Surgery Class 1 classification. Surgery Class 1 is rated at approximately 37% of the full surgical premium.

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Consistent return of premium.

Publicly-traded insurance companies exist to make profits for shareholders while physician-owned carriers often return profits to their policyholders. Don’t underestimate this benefit; it can add up to tens of thousands of dollars over the course of your career. OMIC has one of the most generous dividend programs for ophthalmologists and has returned more than $90 Million to our members through dividends.