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What happens if an application is denied?

The applicant will have two choices. When the company determines it is not in a position to offer coverage, we will notify the applicant of our intent to decline the application and advise the doctor why we are considering this decision. The applicant will have the opportunity to request reconsideration by our Underwriting Committee by sending us additional or clarifying information within the time period specified in our notice. Or, the physician may withdraw his/her application and seek coverage elsewhere.

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Six reasons OMIC is the best choice for ophthalmologists in America.

#4. Largest insurer in the U.S.

OMIC is the largest insurer of ophthalmologists in the United States and we've been the only physician-owned carrier to continuously offer coverage in all states since 1987 (pending in WI). Our fully portable policy can be taken with you wherever you practice. Should you move to a new state or territory, you're covered without the cost or headache of applying for new coverage.