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What are OMIC’s Outpatient Surgical Facility (OSF) requirements?

Updated 9/30/2019

OMIC insures a wide variety of facilities with varying goals, scope of business, and types of surgical procedures and anesthesia provided, including in-office surgical suites, refractive laser centers, and ambulatory surgical facilities (ASCs). Following the settlement of several large claims, a task force of OMIC staff and Board members was assigned to study scope of practice issues, state law governing outpatient surgical facilities (OSFs), and practice standards that establish a standard of care for cases performed in such facilities. Because the cost of defending claims is borne by all OMIC insureds, the company sought to minimize risks affiliated with outpatient surgical facilities.

The review process began with an analysis of all OMIC claims, suits, and settlements involving OSFs. Nursing, anesthesia, pediatric, and surgical standards by national professional groups as well as state and federal laws, regulations, and directives were analyzed. As a result of this process, underwriting requirements and risk management guidelines pertaining to patient selection, type of anesthesia/sedation, pre- and postoperative assessments and monitoring, and emergency response and equipment were developed. These requirements were extensively reviewed and refined by consultants and practicing ophthalmologists, and the anesthesia, monitoring, and emergency response requirements were reviewed by an anesthesiologist.

All outpatient surgery centers (e.g. ambulatory surgery centers, refractive laser centers, and in-office surgical suites used by physicians other than the owners and their employees) insured by OMIC are required to abide by these requirements. Download using the toolbar above.

Also see the OSF Application.

OMIC-insured physicians who perform surgery in their own offices are not bound by these requirements. To assist them in promoting patient safety and reducing their risk, OMC has developed voluntary guidelines. Click here to view OMIC’s “Office-Based Surgery for Adults.”

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