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My hospital has agreed to cover me for ROP services I render. How will this affect my coverage with OMIC and my premium?

Usually, any liability insurance or indemnification provided by the hospital would coincide with your OMIC insurance. OMIC’s policy is a primary policy, and it is not intended to be excess of any other coverage. If you report a covered claim to OMIC, we would have the right – and duty – to defend you. It is likely that both OMIC and the hospital would share and cooperate in your defense and any resulting indemnity payment. Your OMIC policy describes how losses would be apportioned when both the OMIC policy and other insurance apply to the loss. The facts surrounding a particular claim would determine how that claim would be administered and what ultimate indemnification would be provided under your OMIC policy or any other insurance policy. Therefore, if an incident or claim occurs at the hospital while you are performing ROP services there, you will want to notify the hospital, its insurance provider, and OMIC.

Even though the hospital will provide coverage for your ROP activities, reduction in your OMIC premium most likely will not be warranted. As noted above, OMIC will continue its duty to defend and indemnify you should any covered claims arise from these activities. Therefore, joint coverage through the hospital will not considerably reduce the exposures covered by your OMIC policy. However, if you otherwise limit your scope of practice to non-surgical activities or to those surgeries permissible under the Surgery Class 1 or Surgery Class 2 rating classifications and authorize OMIC to endorse your policy to exclude coverage for ROP services, you may be eligible for the reduced No Surgery, Surgery Class 1, or Surgery Class 2 premium.

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