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Is my technician covered for administering cosmetic Botox injections?

OMIC’s policy extends coverage to your non-physician employees for services rendered within the scope of their training, licensure, and employment by you and on your behalf. Coverage would extend to your employed allied health professionals who administer cosmetic botulinum toxin injections, provided such activities are performed in full accordance with your state’s requirements. Before authorizing staff to administer cosmetic botulinum toxin injections, please contact your state licensing boards to determine whether and under what circumstances such services can be rendered by non-physician personnel. For example, the state may require that only licensed personnel be permitted to inject botulinum toxin. Additionally, the state may require that a physician perform physical examinations of all patients receiving botulinum toxin treatments prior to the procedure; review the medical charts of patients undergoing treatment; or be physically present before, during, or after treatment. Violation of these requirements could result in suspension or revocation of your own licensure as well as denial of coverage by OMIC for any resulting claim.

OMIC has developed risk management recommendations relating to cosmetic botulinum toxin issues to promote patient safety and reduce the physician’s liability exposure. OMIC’s risk management staff are also available to provide confidential advice and assistance to OMIC insureds interested in minimizing their liability from botulinum toxin-related claims. Click here to view the consent form for cosmetic Botox.

Special rules apply to medical spas. If you own or operate a medical spa, please contact your underwriting representative to determine whether your medical spa is eligible for coverage. The medical spa must be insured by OMIC in order for coverage to extend to its employees. Similarly, the medical spa must be insured by OMIC in order for coverage to extend to you for your liability as medical director, supervising physician, or prescribing physician of a medical spa.

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