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I understand OMIC covers low vision screening under its “No Surgery” classification, but what about treatment of low vision with VRT™

Treatment of low vision through Vision Restoration Therapy™ (VRT™) or similar FDA-approved or otherwise accepted non-invasive treatments would qualify for coverage under OMIC’s “No Surgery” and higher coverage classifications. Because VRT™ is somewhat controversial and has reported success rates as low as 60 to 65%, managing patient expectations and providing thorough informed consent is critical. OMIC insureds interested in offering VRT™ to their patients can contact our Risk Management Department for confidential advice and assistance.

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OMIC was founded by members of the American Academy of Ophthalmology nearly a quarter century ago and is the only carrier sponsored and endorsed by AAO. OMIC is also endorsed by 54 other ophthalmic societies. The OMIC partnerships with state and subspecialty societies qualifies their members for an exclusive 10% premium credit. Contact your state society for details.