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I have been asked to serve as a camp physician at a children’s summer camp. Will OMIC cover me for these activities?

In order to determine whether OMIC would respond to claims arising from services rendered as a camp physician, we would need a thorough understanding of the situation, including the physician’s qualifications to serve as a camp physician, his/her role and responsibilities as camp physician, and the types of services to be rendered. The following are examples of the types of questions we would need to address:

  • Where will the physician serve as camp physician and for what period of time?
  • If the camp is located in another state, does the physician hold the appropriate licensure in that state?
  • What special training, if any, does the physician have?
  • Will the camp physician remain on site for the duration of his/her service?
  • Will he/she have set office hours or be available on call? If on call, within what response time?
  • How many children will the camp physician be responsible for, and approximately how many will he/she see on a given day?
  • Will services be limited to ophthalmology only, or will general medical care also be provided?
  • What types of illnesses or injuries will be treated?
  • Will the physician maintain medical records for patients seen?
  • What is the protocol for triaging and treating emergencies?
  • What medical equipment and emergency equipment is available on site?
  • Where (distance) is the nearest medical facility?
  • How will patients be transported to the nearest medical facility, if needed?
  • Will any other medical personnel (such as a medical assistant, nurse, or another physician) be available?


 If approved for coverage of non-ophthalmic activities, a special endorsement will be added to the policy.

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