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Does OMIC cover low vision examinations?

Yes. Whether insured under a non-surgical, limited surgical, or full surgical classification, OMIC’s policy will extend coverage to insureds for claims arising from their performance of low vision examinations (visual rehabilitation).

Retired ophthalmologists who wish to resume practice for the purpose of providing low vision exams may be eligible to purchase coverage through OMIC under a part-time No Surgery rate. All applicants for coverage must be members of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and meet OMIC’s stringent underwriting guidelines. Please also refer to the coverage question “Will OMIC insure me for my new practice activities if I return to practice following an extended sabbatical?” for additional information regarding the availability of coverage for previously retired practitioners.

Physicians who perform low vision services on a volunteer basis may be afforded some protection under their state’s charitable immunity legislation.

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