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Am I covered for administering COVID vaccinations?

Yes! OMIC is extending coverage to its insureds for the administration of COVID vaccinations.

We have been carefully monitoring this situation since the first vaccine was approved. Although the PREP Act provides broad immunity from suit and liability, it is not unlimited. Vaccination services may still result in lawsuits or claims. We have weighed our fiduciary responsibilities in protecting the company and its owners, our policyholders, and our commitment to public health and safety. In these unprecedented times, we recognize that we must absorb some unknown risks in supporting our insureds in their contribution to the nationwide vaccination effort.

As our insureds know, the vaccines present many challenges, including appropriate storage and handling, adequate informed consent, post-vaccination monitoring, promptly and properly responding to adverse reactions, supply management, and tracking/follow-up measures to ensure patients receive their second doses in a timely manner. In recognition of these challenges, we have published important COVID-19 vaccination risk management materials for our insureds and the broader ophthalmic community.

We strongly recommend that our insureds implement these comprehensive protocols. In addition to protecting patients, these protocols, combined with the protections afforded under the PREP Act, will allow OMIC to limit exposure to our company and better defend claims should they arise.

Updated 2/9/2021

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