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OMIC Digest: Vol. 25 | No. 4 | 2015

  • Feature: Young ophthalmologists on trial
  • Eye on OMIC: New regulatory and cyber liability (e-MD®) benefits
  • Policy Issues: MPL insurance for young ophthalmologists
  • Closed Claim Study: Second cataract surgery proceeds when CRVO goes undetected
  • Risk Management Hotline: What may I safely delegate?
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OMIC Digest: Vol. 25 | No. 3 | 2015

  • Feature: Giant cell arteritis claims are costly and difficult to defend
  • Eye on OMIC: Rate decrease and policyholder dividend approved for 2016
  • Policy Issues: National Practitioner Data Bank reporting
  • Closed Claim Study: Poor communication between providers delays GCA diagnosis
  • Risk Management Hotline: Clear communication is key to timely diagnosis and treatment
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OMIC Digest: Vol. 25 | No. 2 | 2015

  • Feature: When patients fall, are doctors to blame?
  • Eye on OMIC: Insurance for tangential perils of medical practice
  • Policy Issues: Liability and coverage for patient falls
  • Closed Claim Study: Hip fracture in 90-year-old female patient following fall in exam room
  • Risk Management Hotline: Help patients reduce their risk of falling in your office or ASC
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OMIC Digest: Vol. 25 | No. 1 | 2015

  • Feature: Call early, call often: Benefits of proactive incident reporting
  • Eye on OMIC: Regulatory and cyber liability (e-MD®) resources
  • Policy Issues: Additional benefits under OMIC’s policy
  • Closed Claim Study: Monovision misunderstanding leads to health department complaint
  • Risk Management Hotline: When is a physician-patient relationship established?
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