OMIC Digest Archives 2013

OMIC Digest: Vol. 23 | No. 3 | 2013

  • Feature: HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule – What to do
  • Eye on OMIC: Tamara Fountain to Chair OMIC Board in 2014
  • Policy Issues: Breach notification: How OMIC can help you
  • Closed Claim Study: Improper disposal of medical records
  • Risk Management Hotline: Release of medical records
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OMIC Digest: Vol. 23 | No. 2 | 2013

  • Feature: Time sensitive conditions and errors in diagnosis
  • Eye on OMIC: Surcharge eliminated for cosmetic procedures
  • Policy Issues: Additional benefits: Broad regulatory and e-MD® protection
  • Closed Claim Study: Pseudotumor Cerebri in Young Female
  • Risk Management Hotline: Test Management System is Key to Prompt Diagnosis
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OMIC Digest: Vol. 23 | No. 1 | 2013

  • Feature: The high cost of refused care
  • Eye on OMIC: A fund for risk management studies
  • Policy Issues: Refused care coverage and minor refusal
  • Closed Claim Study: Abandonment or noncompliance?
  • Risk Management Hotline: When patients won’t pay for care
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