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  • Handling Disruptive Patients

    While ophthalmic practice presents many rewarding experiences, it is a sad fact that in every aspect of life we sometimes must deal with unreasonable, disruptive, disrespectful, or even dangerous persons. It is important to remember that ophthalmologists and staff members can never expect to completely control or influence patient behavior. However, in those rare instances when […]

  • Tweeting During Eye Surgery?

    The idea of communicating with the “outside world” directly from the operating room is not new. Ophthalmologists, surgery centers and hospitals have allowed messaging in the form of texts, phone calls, and emails from the ophthalmic operating room for many years. Since the 1990′s some ophthalmologists have even performed ophthalmic surgeries such as LASIK in conjunction with […]

  • OMIC Participates in PDR Drug Alert Network

    As a partner in the PDR Drug Alert Network, OMIC encourages our policyholders to sign up for this free service today. PDR Drug Alerts offer immediate, electronic delivery of FDA-approved, specialty-specific Drug Alerts and safety information for OMIC policyholders, and are aggregated on® for convenient review.Register today at to receive up-to-date, ongoing delivery of important product […]

  • What You Should Do Now To Protect Your Patient’s Eye Health Information

    Not long ago, eye health information was stored almost exclusively in tattered folders on dusty shelves in a back room of the ophthalmologist’s medical office. Not anymore. Use of full or partial electronic medical record (EMR) systems increased 270% among ophthalmologists between 2005 and 2010. Nearly half of all ophthalmic practices now use some form […]