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February 2021 Bulletin: COVID-19 Vaccinations

Some policyholders have expressed interest in administering COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccination services are complex, especially for physicians who do not customarily vaccinate patients. The COVID-19 vaccine landscape is also dynamic: different vaccines, different dosing schedules, and varying availability of vaccines add to the challenge of providing this service.
In response, OMIC has created a resource outlining medical professional liability risks associated with offering the COVID-19 vaccine and recommendations to mitigate those risks https://www.omic.com/covid-19-vaccine-risk-management-considerations-and-consent/. The resource also includes a sample patient screening and vaccination consent form.

If you have questions about these risk management resources, contact us for confidential risk management advice by emailing us at riskmanagement@omic.com.

OMIC is extending coverage to its insureds for the administration of COVID19 vaccinations. Questions about coverage should be directed to OMIC’s Underwriting Department at (800) 562-6642, ext. 1, or omic@omic.com.

Thank you,

Linda D. Harrison, PhD
Vice President, OMIC Risk Management

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