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Designating My Preference for Receiving Applications

You may elect to receive your application electronically or receive a paper application by mail. If you do not designate a preference, you will receive an electronic application.

If you have not previously designated a preference and would like to do so now, or if you would like to change your designated preference, simply edit your MyOMIC profile to reflect your preference. Alternately, you may email eapp@omic.com or call your underwriter at (800) 562-6642, ext. 639.  Please provide your full name, policy number, and preferred email address when indicating your preference by email or phone.

You may change your preference at any time.

Continuing to online renewal applications:


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Six reasons OMIC is the best choice for ophthalmologists in America.

Largest insurer in the U.S.

OMIC is the largest insurer of ophthalmologists in the United States and we've been the only physician-owned carrier to continuously offer coverage in all states since 1987. Our fully portable policy can be taken with you wherever you practice. Should you move to a new state or territory, you're covered without the cost or headache of applying for new coverage.