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Accessing My Electronic Application

Applications are generated approximately four months prior to the renewal effective date. When your renewal application has been created and is ready for completion, you will receive an email from eapp@omic.com providing a link to your application. If multiple insureds within the practice share the same email address (for example, the practice administrator’s email address), a separate email will be sent for each insured.  The subject line and salutation will indicate the name of the insured to whom the application applies.

After you log in, you will be taken to a work list where your pending application(s) are waiting. Click “Edit Application” to access and fill out the selected form. The electronic application will include all supplemental questionnaires (if any) applicable to you. Sections may appear or disappear depending upon your responses to the questions. The applications are dynamic so that you will be asked to complete only those questions pertinent to you.

If you cannot locate the email with the direct link to your worklist, you can access your application by logging in to MyOMIC and clicking “Finish or View My Application” under “My Applications”. Use your existing user name and password if you have previously registered on MyOMIC.  Otherwise, click “Forgot Password” on the login screen, then enter your Client ID to obtain your temporary user name and password. Where is my Client ID?    

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