Risk Management

ROP Safety Net: Materials for Creating a Hospital Safety Net / ROP: Materials for Creating an Office Safety Net

OMIC ROP Safety Net revised in 2019 to reflect new ROP Screening Policy Statement

Click on the name of the document to access it. 

Clinical tables revised with changes highlighted

ROP Risk Analysis 

ROP conditions of coverage

AntiVEGF for ROP Risk Management Recommendations

ROP Tracking List


Hospital toolkit.Treat at hospital

Hospital toolkit.Transfer to treat

You can also access the individual procedures by clicking on the name: 

Procedure 1. Tracking of hospitalized infants

Procedure 2. ROP Exam

Procedure 3. Treat at hospital

Procedure 3b. Transfer to treat

Procedure 4. Discharge

Procedure 5. Transfer for non-ROP care


The Office ROP toolkit  has additional procedures, forms, and letters needed for outpatient care.


The following consent forms and letters are in the toolkits and procedures, but can also be accessed directly:

Consent for injection to treat ROP

Consent for injection to treat ROP.Spanish

Consent for laser surgery to treat ROP

Consent for laser surgery to treat ROP.Spanish

Discharge letter

Discharge letter.Spanish

Missed appointment letter

Missed appointment letter.Spanish

Outpatient screening letter

Outpatient screening letter.Spanish

Transfer for other care letter

Transfer for other care letter.Spanish

Transfer to treat letter

Transfer to treat letter.Spanish

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