Risk Management

2020 January Bulletin: Plan Ahead for Your Discount

How does the OMIC risk management program work?

OMIC-sponsored risk management activities (live seminar or online course) enable policyholders to obtain a 5% or 10% premium discount, which is applied upon renewal.
Only one risk management credit is applied per policy period.

How to qualify for a 10% discount:

OMIC policyholders who are members of state and subspecialty ophthalmic societies with an OMIC educational alliance (CV) currently earn a 10% risk management discount when they complete an approved OMIC risk management course or seminar.

How to qualify for a 5% discount:

If you are an OMIC policyholder, you are eligible to take an online course to earn a 5% risk management discount. The course is administered by Linda Nakamura (see contact information under resources)

OMIC Risk Management Program Contact:
Linda Nakamura

Call the OMIC Hotline for confidential advice on any risk management issue. We’re here to help!

Phone: 800.562.6642 (Press 4)
Email: riskmanagement@omic.com

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