Risk Management

Managing the Disruptive Patient

November 6, 2020

Dear OMIC Insureds:

Providing ophthalmic care that improves quality of life can lead to rewarding professional relationships with patients. However, the unfortunate reality is that ophthalmologists and their staff sometimes are confronted with angry, noncompliant, and even violent patients. You may be seeing an increase in such behaviors due to the stressors brought on by the pandemic and other societal events. Be aware that disruptive patients can become a distraction that leads to an increased risk of a claim.

See the sample Policy and Procedure for the Disruptive or Dangerous Patient to educate and protect staff and others from patients who behave in a disruptive or threatening manner:  https://www.omic.com/handling-the-disruptive-or-dangerous-patient/.

If you elect to discharge a patient from your practice, use these guidelines and sample letters to help minimize the risk of patient harm and allegations of patient abandonment: https://www.omic.com/terminating-the-physician-patient-relationship/.

If you have questions, contact us for confidential risk management advice by emailing us at riskmanagement@omic.com.


Linda D. Harrison, PhD
Director, OMIC Risk Management

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