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Giant cell arteritis checklist

Use a checklist to screen patients for giant cell arteritis (click download for document)

OMIC conducted a review* of claims for delay in diagnosis of giant cell arteritis [(GCA, also known as temporal arteritis). Our study of these claims showed that a careful review of signs, symptoms, and systems is needed to help distinguish the few patients who could have GCA from the large number of older patients with eye problems seen daily in ophthalmic practices. In 66% of the patients, ophthalmologists failed to elicit the non-vision related symptoms that patients were experiencing. The incomplete and inaccurate history led to a delay in diagnosis and treatment.

OMIC Board member Dr. Ronald W. Pelton, MD, PhD developed this Giant cell arteritis checklist  to prompt ophthalmologists to ask key questions and document both positive and negative findings. Please review it carefully and modify it to suit your practice and preferences. For example, you may choose to refer patients to an internist for steroid management rather than prescribe them yourself, or use a different dosage.

Giant cell arteritis claims are costly and difficult to defend

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