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Will OMIC cover me for supervising residents?

Your professional liability policy with OMIC will cover you for most claims arising from this professional/clinical relationship. Your policy covers you for professional services that you render directly to patients as well as advice or consultation that you provide to residents regarding specific patients. Allegations of “negligent supervision” also generally fall within medical malpractice coverage. (Note: you must personally maintain surgical coverage to be covered for your liability supervising surgical procedures performed by residents.) Ultimately, the determination of whether a specific claim will be covered will depend upon the allegation(s) made and the facts of the medical incident.

Although your policy does not include coverage for academic liability, OMIC is not aware of any “negligent teaching” claims and suspect they are rare, if they exist at all. The likelihood of a claim by some future patient of a resident you supervised being linked to a “quality of training” issue seems remote.

Coverage may also be provided by the teaching program itself to faculty/attending staff when assisting residents in the clinic and operating room.

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