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The training course I am taking in another state to learn a new procedure offers hands-on opportunities. Will OMIC cover me for cases I perform during this training program?

In general, your OMIC policy will extend coverage to you for direct patient treatment you render within the scope of your coverage classification, whether in your private practice or during special training. However, coverage is limited to the terms and conditions of your policy. If you are learning a procedure that is excluded under the standard policy (for example, refractive surgery procedures, liposuction, full facelifts, or rhinoplasty), application and endorsement may be required before coverage can be extended to you. In addition, you must be legally authorized to provide services in the state in order for coverage to apply; your policy excludes coverage for professional services that you do not hold the required license, certification, or accreditation to provide. If you are planning to take a hands-on training course in a state in which you do not hold a current, valid license, we encourage you to contact the Board of Medicine in that state to determine whether a temporary permit or other formal licensure or registration is required.

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