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Betsy Kelley, Vice President, Product Management

Have you ever wanted to look up your coverage information but the paperwork was somewhere else? Would you like to confirm that your payment was received and posted to your account? Do you need to provide your hospital with current proof of insurance? With MyOMIC Policyholder Services, you can perform each of these transactions, and more, on OMIC’s website.

Accessing MyOMIC

To view your policy and account information and process transactions, you will first need to register on OMIC’s website. Click “Register” at the top of any web page or go to the MyOMIC page and click “Create Account.” When you register, you will create a user name and password and be asked basic information about yourself and your practice. At a minimum, you must enter your last name, state, zip code, and email address. Your client ID, which is listed on your insurance Declarations, must also be entered to gain access to MyOMIC features. If you are unable to locate your client ID, your underwriting representative can provide it. Should you ever forget your password, click “Forgot Password” on the login screen.

After successfully logging in, you will be taken to the MyOMIC page. Click “Enter” under My Policy and select the desired policy from your account list to access your account information. Details for the three most current policy terms are available.


Coverage and premium information is available on the Insureds tab. If you are the policyholder, you will be able to access information about each insured under the policy. Non-policyholder insureds can access only their personal coverage information. For each insured selected, MyOMIC Policyholder Services will display the insured type (e.g., solo dr, optometrist, solo inc), coverage classification, effective and expiration dates, retroactive date, liability limits, and premium (excluding taxes, dividends, or services charges) for the selected policy term. Within the coming months, this tab will also display the insured’s rating state and county as well as a list of applicable manuscript endorsements, if any, and all discounts that have been applied.

Payment/Account Info

Although OMIC has offered insureds the option to pay their premium online for several years, MyOMIC Policyholder Services provides added functionality. Not only can the premium be paid online by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) or with PayPal, but insureds can view the invoice amount, “pay in full” amount, and due date on the Make Payment/Billing Summary screen. As soon as the payment transaction completes, the payment will appear on the Payment History screen, which displays all payments made on the account, including the payment type, check number if applicable, and deposit date.


Insureds can easily generate certificates of insurance for any existing certificate holder listed on their policy. As with coverage information, policyholders can process certificates for any insured currently covered under the policy, whereas non-policyholder insureds can generate certificates only for themselves. The user simply selects the certificate(s) desired from the displayed list of certificate holders and then clicks “generate COI.” On the following screen, the user can view and print a PDF version of the certificate or email and/or fax the certificate to themselves or directly to the certificate holder. The insured can even type a brief message to the recipient.
OMIC is developing functionality to allow insureds to add new certificate holders; this feature is expected to become available in 2015. We also plan to enable insureds to generate loss histories/claims experience reports in the future.


Under the Request tab, insureds can report changes in contact information or request other service. Because changes in address may affect premiums or coverage, changes in contact information are not automatically processed online. Instead, notification is sent to the underwriter, who will process the change or contact the insured for further information. Alternately, insureds can request a change in address directly from OMIC’s website on the Policyholder Services/Make Changes page. Please note that editing your user profile will not update your policy information and OMIC will not be notified of such changes. Edits to the user profile are solely used for website registration purposes.

To request other services, go to the Request Service tab and select the change or information requested. Examples include adding a new certificate holder, changing class or limits, and adding or removing an insured. Enter your instructions or other pertinent detail in the Comments field. Changes in limits or coverage class may also be submitted from the Policyholder Services/Make Changes page of OMIC’s website.

If you require assistance or have suggestions to further enhance your online experience, please contact your underwriter at 800.562.6642 or email us at omic@omic.com.

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