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Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) or PRELEX Application

Although the standard OMIC policy excludes coverage for intraocular refractive surgery procedures, OMIC insureds can request coverage for specific procedures following review and approval of a supplemental refractive surgery questionnaire. A questionnaire is required for each type of intraocular refractive procedure performed. No additional premium applies for this valuable coverage.

If lens extraction is limited to patients who have visually significant cataracts, completion of the Refractive Lens Exchange Application is not required as lens extraction on such patients is considered cataract surgery for underwriting purposes.  However, completion of this application and adherence to OMIC’s underwriting requirements for refractive lens exchange is required for lens extraction performed on patients who have completely clear lenses and for patients with visible cataract changes that are not visually significant and are not associated with patient complaints about the vision.

Use the Application button in the toolbar above to access OMIC’s RLE/PRELEX application.

OMIC’s RLE/PRELEX > Exception Request Form

Coverage for Refractive Lens Exchange/Prelex is included by endorsement under your policy only after an application has been submitted, reviewed, and approved. If you have any questions about OMIC’s coverage visit the Coverage Q&A section or Contact Your Rep.


Updated 12/9/2015

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