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Betsy Kelley, OMIC Vice President, Product Management

As part of OMIC’s continuous underwriting process and to ensure that the policy accurately reflects the insured’s current practice activities and liability exposures, insureds are asked to complete a renewal questionnaire each year. We are pleased to announce that you now have the option of completing your renewal applications online. This feature is available for all insureds renewing on or after May 1, 2015, and applies to physicians, employed optometrists and nurse anesthetists, entities, medical spas, outpatient surgical facilities, and eye banks.

You may elect to receive your application electronically or receive a paper application by mail. If you do not designate a preference, you will receive both an electronic and paper application. (However, you will need to complete only one version of the application. For example, if you complete the electronic application, discard the paper version.)

In a November e-bulletin announcing this new feature, insureds were given an opportunity to indicate their preference. If you did not receive this communication or did not respond at that time and would like to designate your preference now, please email eapp@omic.com or call your underwriter at 800.562.6642, ext. 639. Please provide your full name, policy number, and preferred email address when indicating your preference. You may change your preference at any time.

It may be necessary to adjust the settings on your spam filter so that emails from eapp@omic.com are not blocked.

Registration required

To complete an online application, you must be registered on OMIC’s website, www.omic.com. If you have already registered on MyOMIC to access Policyholder Services or other secure areas of OMIC’s website, your existing user name and password will provide you access to your electronic application. A temporary user name and password will be assigned to you if are not yet registered. Each insured (e.g., the owner-ophthalmologist and the sole shareholder corporation) must have a unique login.

Accessing your application

When your renewal application has been created and is ready for completion, you will receive an email from eapp@omic.com providing a link to your application. If multiple insureds within the practice share the same email address (for example, the practice administrator’s email address), a separate email will be sent for each insured. The subject line and salutation will indicate the name of the insured to whom the application applies.

After you log in, you will be taken to a worklist where your pending application(s) is waiting. Click “Edit Application” to access and fill out the selected form. The electronic application will include all supplemental questionnaires (if any) applicable to you. Sections may appear or disappear depending upon your responses to the questions. The applications are dynamic, so you will be asked to complete only those questions pertinent to you.

While completing your application, you may be asked to upload certain documents. File formats acceptable for upload include Word, RTF, PDF, TXT, TIF, JPG, and BMP. If a file upload is required and you do not have the document readily available in a permitted format, you may attach a Word document explaining why the document cannot be attached and indicating when and how the document will be forwarded to OMIC.

You may save an incomplete application and return to it at a later date by logging in to OMIC’s website, www.omic.com, and clicking “Finish or View My Application” under “My Applications” on the MyOMIC page. Login is required to access this site.

Submitting your completed application

It is permissible for the employer or practice administrator to assist with the renewal application process. However, the insured must personally review and electronically sign the application before submitting it. To facilitate this, there is a “notify” button on the worklist that provides the user the ability to notify another person via email that the application is ready for that person to fill out.

After you submit your electronic application, you will receive an email notifying you that OMIC has received your application. Your completed application will also be available online as a PDF and may be printed or saved as needed.

If you have any questions regarding this new feature or require assistance completing your online application, please contact your underwriting representative at 800.562.6642, ext. 639.

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