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Is a copy of my declarations page sufficient evidence of coverage?

Although some hospitals accept Declarations pages, your best and safest option is to send them a certificate of insurance. A certificate of insurance will generally provide the hospital with all the information it needs: your name, policy number, retroactive date, policy effective and expiration dates, and limits of liability. The Declarations page often contains additional information that the hospital does not need or should not have, such as the cost of your insurance and the names of other physicians insured under your policy. By issuing a certificate of insurance, we can also notify the hospital promptly of any material changes in or termination of your coverage. Likewise, we will see that the hospital receives confirmation of your policy’s renewal each year.

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#4. Largest insurer in the U.S.

OMIC is the largest insurer of ophthalmologists in the United States and we've been the only physician-owned carrier to continuously offer coverage in all states since 1987 (pending in WI). Our fully portable policy can be taken with you wherever you practice. Should you move to a new state or territory, you're covered without the cost or headache of applying for new coverage.