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Did I receive my risk management discount?

Information regarding which discounts have been applied to your policy is accessible three ways:

  1. The discounts applied to your policy are listed by type on your Declarations page;
  2. The dollar value of discounts by type are listed on the Premium Calculations sheet that accompanies your Declarations page;
  3. You may access your discount information online.  When you sign in at www.omic.com, you will be taken to the MyOMIC page. Click the “Enter” button under “My Policy” in the lower left section of the screen.  On the next screen, click the link to your policy number to access your policy information. You will be taken to the Insureds tab, where you can view your coverage information, discounts, and endorsements applied to your policy. Click the “view” link under Discounts to display your discount information.  You can also view a history of your risk management participation by clicking the “view” link under Risk Mgmt.


Discounts are applied upon renewal to physicians who have participated in an OMIC-sponsored risk management program within the 12 months prior to their policy effective date. To sign up for a risk management program, please contact Linda Nakamura, OMIC’s Risk Management Coordinator, at (800) 562-6642, ext. 652 or email her at lnakamura@omic.com.


Updated 7/18/2017

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