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Another doctor wants to lease my employees. Are they covered under my policy?

To be covered under the policy, non-physician employees must be acting within the scope of their training, licensure, and employment by and for the direct benefit of the insured. Therefore, your employees will be covered under your policy while they are providing services to your patients, but no coverage will extend under your policy for services that they render on behalf of another physician’s practice. If the physician to whom you are leasing your employees under a formal lease agreement is insured by OMIC, coverage will extend to the leased employees under that physician’s policy for services that they render to his or her patients. If the physician leasing your employees is not insured by OMIC, we recommend that you obtain written confirmation from the other physician that such employees will be covered under his or her policy or that the physician has secured separate insurance for the employees.

Please note that employed optometrists and nurse anesthetists are insured only if named in the Declarations.

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