Patient Education Check-Up Project

The Academy and OMIC are jointly sponsoring the fourth annual Patient Education Check-Up Project. This campaign encourages MDs and office administrators to audit all of their Academy patient education materials and informed consent documents to ensure they are current. While the connection between patient education and patient compliance is widely known, the connection between accurate, timely patient education and informed consent materials in reducing malpractice risk may not be. The primary message of this campaign is risk mitigation through up-to-date patient education materials and informed consent documents.

Download the checklist to help you review your existing patient education materials.

Visit OMIC’s library of informed consent forms to make sure you have the most current version.

For more information on the Academy’s patient education products e-mail

For information on OMIC’s informed consent documents, contact the OMIC Risk Management Hotline at 800.562-6642, extension 641.

Want to have the most up-to-date patient education at a click of a button?
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Have peace of mind that you are reducing your malpractice risk by giving your patients the most up-to-date information about their eye condition and treatment options. The Downloadable Patient Education Handout Subscription – gives you unlimited, print on demand, access to a comprehensive collection of nearly 100 titles in downloadable PDF format. The handouts are updated regularly, eliminating the time-consuming task of having to audit your own materials.


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