Massachusetts Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons (MSEPS)

OMIC entered into an educational alliance with MSEPS in November, 2014. Learn more about the partnership on the right columns of this page. Here’s how it works:

> Join (and maintain membership in) MSEPS

> Participate in one approved OMIC risk management event per year. OMIC will track MSEPS membership and cross-check with risk management participants to apply OMIC premium discount.

MSEPS Discount:


*Avg premium discount based on $1M/$3M full-time surgical coverage limit

MSEPS members earn a 10% risk management discount (double the normal 5% discount). Other discounts available.

Questions? Speak with a Rep

MSEPS Contact:

Executive Director of MSEPS

Jennifer Chen

PO Box 236

Boston, MA  02133

Tel: (617) 426-2020


How do I get my discount?

MSEPS members must attend a LIVE OMIC risk management event conducted at the MSEPS annual meeting to earn the MSEPS-OMIC 10% discount.



Discounts are automatically applied for you. Only contact OMIC if you believe you have not received the appropriate discount by contacting the Risk Management Coordinator or your Underwriting Rep.

Six reasons OMIC is the best choice for ophthalmologists in America.

#6. Supporting your specialty.

OMIC was founded by members of the American Academy of Ophthalmology nearly a quarter century ago and is the only carrier sponsored and endorsed by AAO. OMIC is also endorsed by 40 other ophthalmic societies. The OMIC partnerships with state and subspecialty societies qualifies their members for an exclusive 8% premium credit. Contact your state society for details.