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2017 Board and Committees

Messages for OMIC Board or Committee members may be sent c/o Administration, OMIC, 655 Beach St., San Francisco, CA 94109 or by email at: omic@omic.com.



George A Williams, MD
Royal Oak, MI
Audit Committee Chair and Executive Committee Chair Reinsurance Committee Chair

Vice Chair

Steven V.L. Brown, MD
Glenview, IL


Denise R. Chamblee, MD
Newport News, VA
Risk Management Chair


Robert E. Wiggins, MD, Jr
Asheville, NC
Finance Chair


Daniel J. Briceland, MD (Claims Chair)
Sun City West, AZ

Bradley D. Fouraker, MD
Brandon, FL

Robert S. Gold, MD
Maitland, FL

Jeffrey P. Johnson, JD
Burlington, VT

David W. Parke II, MD
San Francisco, CA

Ronald W. Pelton, MD, PhD
Colorado Springs, CO

Steven I. Rosenfeld, MD
Delray Beach, FL

Gregory L. Skuta, MD
Oklahoma City, OK

Michael C. Tigani, MD
McLean, VA

Trexler M. Topping, MD
Boston, MA

Ann A. Warn, MD (Underwriting Chair)
Lawton, OK

Committee Members

Jeremiah Brown Jr, MD
San Antonio, TX

Ho Sun Choi, MD
San Jose, CA

Robert G. Fante, MD
Denver, CO

Andrew Iwach, MD
San Francisco, CA

Pauline T. Merrill, MD
Oak Park, IL

Gaurav Shah, MD
St. Louis, MO

Christopher J. Rapuano, MD
Philadelphia, PA

Michelle Ying, MD
Ladson, SC

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